Communities List

  1. SKS Scout Group Community
  2. Faculty of Engineering Chemical Engineering Community
  3. SKS Paired Dance Sports Community (GÜDAST)
  4. Faculty of Science Folk Dances and Dance Community
  5. Gazi Faculty of Education Folk Dances And Dances Community
  6. SKS Theatre Community
  7. Faculty of Sports Sciences Electronic Sports Community
  8. Faculty of Technology Young Yeşilay Community
  9. Faculty of Technology Folk Dance Community
  10. Faculty of Technology Aviation Community
  11. Faculty of Technology Automotive Science And Technology Community (OBITET)
  12. Faculty of Engineering Theatre Community
  13. Faculty of Engineering Mountaineering Community
  14. Faculty of Engineering Industrial Community
  15. Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Community 
  16. Faculty of Engineering Pro-G Student Community
  17. Gazi Faculty of Education World Language Turkish Community
  18. European Association of Medical Students Community of the Faculty of Medicine
  19. Faculty of Medicine Scientific Research Community
  20. Faculty of Technology Design Manufacturing and Technology Community (TIMTEK)
  21. Medical Faculty Atasagun Scientific and Social Student Community
  22. Faculty of Science Biological Follow-Up and Research Community
  23. Faculty of Medicine Medical Students Association Development Community
  24. Faculty of Health Sciences Mental Health and Communication Society (GÜRSIT)
  25. Faculty of Science Mathematical Community
  26. Faculty of Dentistry Omfacell Stem Cell Research Community
  27. Gazi Faculty of Education Turkish Community
  28. Faculty of Technology Design Engineering Community
  29. Gazi University Faculty Of Health Sciences Folk Dance Society
  30. Gazi Faculty of Education Computer and Instructional Technology Education Community
  31. SKS Book Counter Community
  32. Faculty of Engineering Building Community (GÜYAP)
  33. Faculty of Engineering Gazi2 WHEELS Motorcycle Community
  34. Faculty of Dentistry Academicians Theatre Community
  35. Faculty of Medicine Psychiatric Community
  36. Faculty of Pharmacy Farmaekol Community
  37. Faculty of Sports Sciences Recreation Community
  38. IEEE Student Community of the Faculty of Engineering
  39. Faculty of Medicine Stem Cell Research Community
  40. Faculty of Dentistry Folk Dance Community
  41. Faculty of Medicine Gazi Young Earth Doctors Community
  42. Faculty of Technology Cyber Security Research and Development Community
  43. Faculty of Dentistry Photography Community (GÜDFOT)
  44. Faculty of Science Statistical Community
  45. Faculty of Dentistry Oral Hygiene Education Community
  46. Faculty of Pharmacy Climate Change And Zero Waste Community
  47. Gazi Faculty of Education Psychological Counseling Community
  48. Faculty of Pharmacy Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence Community in Medicine
  49. Gazi Faculty of Education Nature and Environment Community
  50. Faculty of Engineering Computer Engineering Community
  51. Faculty of Science Turkish Art Music Community
  52. Gazi Faculty of Education Turkish Art Community
  53. Faculty of Technology Energy Systems Community (DAYLIGHT)
  54. Faculty of Architecture Bicycle Community
  55. Faculty of Medicine Social and Active Physicians Community (GÜTSAH)
  56. Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmascience Career Community
  57. Faculty of Science Chemical Community
  58. Faculty of Pharmacy Folk Dance Community
  59. Gazi Faculty of Education Educational Administration and Supervision Community
  60. SKS Reasoning Community
  61. SKS Social Responsibility Projects Community
  62. Faculty of Architecture Planning Community
  63. SKS Chess Community
  64. SKS Music Community
  65. Faculty of Technology Idealistic Engineers Community
  66. Faculty of Technology Electrical and Electronics Research Promotion Research Community
  67. International Community of Doctors of the Faculty of Medicine
  68. Faculty of Technology Automotive Design Community
  69. Medical Ethics and Deontology Community of the Faculty of Medicine
  70. Faculty of Technology Wood Science and Technology Community
  71. Metallurgical and Research Community of the Faculty of Technology
  72. Faculty of Technology Building Community
  73. Faculty of Architecture Design and Innovation Community
  74. Faculty of Science Physical Science and Technology Community
  75. Faculty of Medicine Neuroscience, Genetics and Medical Community
  76. Faculty of Technology Technology Analysis and Evaluation Community (TADER)
  77. Medical School Photography Community
  78. Faculty of Engineering Cyber Security Community
  79. Faculty of Sports Sciences Training and Movement Community
  80. Gazi Faculty of Education Disability-Free Education Community
  81. Faculty of Technology Entrepreneurship and Communication Community
  82. SKS Quality Community
  83. Faculty of Medicine Blood and Organ Donation Community
  84. Faculty of Engineering Modern Defense Technologies Community
  85. Faculty of Engineering ISACA Community
  86. Faculty of Engineering Scale Model and Diorama Community
  87. Faculty of Sports Sciences Folk Dance Community
  88. Faculty of Technology ROBOGAZI Community
  89. Faculty of Engineering Project and Innovation Community
  90. SKS Sustainable Development Community
  91. Faculty of Architecture Pawns of Gazi Community
  92. Faculty of Sports Sciences Tennis Community
  93. Vocational School of Technical Sciences Turkish Historical Community
  94. Faculty of Architecture Turkish Folk Dance Community
  95. Faculty of Technology Space Technologies and Artificial Intelligence Community
  96. Faculty of Dentistry GO Community
  97. Faculty of Medicine Theatre Community
  98. Gazi Faculty of Education Painting-Business and Museum Education Community
  99. Faculty of Engineering Research, Shaping and Modeling Community
  100. Tai Kazan Vocational School Hello World Community
  101. SKS Turkish Sufi Music Community
  102. Faculty of Health Sciences Lifelong Awareness Community
  103. Faculty of Dentistry Community of Future Dentists
  104. Faculty of Health Sciences Social Services Society
  105. SKS Dream Community
  106. Faculty of Technology Digital Game Design Community
  107. Gazi Faculty of Education STEM Community
  108. Faculty of Engineering ACM Association of Computing Machinery Community
  109. Gazi Faculty of Education Astrogazi Community
  110. Gazi Faculty of Education Foreign Language and Culture Community
  111. Gazi Faculty of Education Young Pens Community
  112. Gazi Faculty of Education Game Community
  113. Shooting Communityof the Faculty of Sports Sciences
  114. Gazi Faculty of Education East West Community
  115. Faculty of Health Sciences Healthy Nutrition and Active Living Society
  116. Faculty of Architecture Architecture and Illustration Community
  117. Faculty of Health Sciences Physiotherapy Society
  118. Gazi Faculty of Education English Language Education Community
  119. SKS Recycling And Environmental Protection Community
  120. Faculty of Pharmacy Pharmacovegetative Community
  121. Faculty of Medicine Contemporary Visual Arts Community
  122. Faculty of Sports Sciences Sports Management Volunteers Community
  123. Faculty of Health Sciences Philosophy and Art Community
  124. Gazi Faculty of Education Culture Art and Idea Community
  125. Faculty of Sports Sciences Archery Community
  126. Faculty of Engineering Artificial Intelligence Community
  127. SKS Ski and Snowboard Community
  128. Faculty of Medicine International Community for Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Medicine
  129. Faculty of Sports Sciences Sports For Everyone Community
  130. SKS Blockchain Community
  131. Gazi Faculty of Education Scientific Research Community in Mathematics Education
  132. SKS Young Kızılay Community
  133. Faculty of Sports Sciences Extreme Sports Community
  134. Gazi Faculty of Education Cinema Community Gazi Faculty of Education Historical Society
  135. Gazi Faculty of Education Historical Community
  136. Gazi Faculty of Education Geographical Awareness and Exploration Community
  137. Faculty of Science International Student Exchange Community
  138. SKS Academic Thought Education and Civilization Community
  139. Faculty of Engineering Metaverse Community
  140. Faculty of Engineering Ataturkist Thought Community
  141. Optical and Photonics Community of the Faculty of Applied Sciences
  142. Faculty Of Health Sciences Nursing Students Society
  143. Faculty of Science Turkish World Science Culture and Art Community
  144. Faculty of Engineering Technology and Civilization Community
  145. Faculty of Engineering Career and Competence Community
  146. Faculty of Pharmacy Disaster and Emergency Pharmacy Community
  147. SKS Ombudsman (Ombudsman) Community
  148. Faculty of Sports Sciences Korfball Community
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